About us

Company All Freight Service HK, Ltd. is a young, modern company based on long-term experience with transport and logistics.

We offer both domestic and international transport with our own vehicles.

In the case of transport outside the European Union we offer consultancy services in the field of customs declaration and possible securing of the entire customs process.

We secure the utilization of the vehicles of haulage contractors in the Czech Republic and also within the European Union.

Insurance coverage of transported goods is made with Česká pojišťovna (The Czech Insurance Company) up to 5.000.000 CZK (196.000€) there is a possibility of supplementary insurance for a higher sum.

The founders of the company, Ing. Petr Hurta and Radomír Kučný, have been working in the transport sector longer than 10 years; they know for sure how important reliability and good quality of services offered are in today’s hurried times.

Thanks to the experience we have gained we are able to find ideal solution for every customer, to get ready everything needed for the accomplishment of the transportation and to deliver goods within required deadline.

We deal with each requirement individually and responsibly.

Important aspect is mutual trust, we act fair, which is the basis of long-term cooperation.

Our priority is to provide good-quality service, that means punctual stand of the vehicle to loading, informing the customer from loading to delivery and supervision of the course of the transport.

Thanks to our knowledge of languages we are able to solve personally standard as well as non-standard situations abroad and thus we minimize potential delay of the delivery of the goods.

We choose our drivers and we train them carefully to ensure professionalism of services offered.

We create decent working conditions for our employees, we respect their needs and with drivers we pay attention to keeping of the working regime according to the AETR regulation.

We use EURO 6 fleet trying to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Our Services

Road transport

silniční doprava
  • Domestic and international freight transport
  • Punctual stand of the vehicle to loading and meeting deadline are our priorities
  • We work for the automotive industry
  • Transport regime Just In Time, Milkrun
  • Transport of goods subject to temperature regime with vehicles with calibrated sensors and temperature monitoring
  • Transport of unit deliveries from 1 kg up to all-vehicle deliveries of 25.000 kg
  • Transport of large-sized freights and arrangement of all permissions
  • Transport of dangerous goods ADR
  • Insurance of freights according to CMR convention up to 5.000.000 CZK, possibility of supplementary insurance
  • Dispatching 24 hours non-stop
  • Complete information about the freight to costumers: loading, the course of transport, delivery
  • Monitoring of the goods full-time via satellite and constant contact with our drivers

Air transport

letecká doprava
  • We process the demand and ensure air transport of the goods
  • We offer individual solution of air transport - export and import throughout the world
  • We have contracts with more than 20 Czech airlines and many others throughout Europe
  • If needed, we are able to ensure whole loading area of planes of all possible sizes for transportation of voluminous and large-sized packets
  • We deal with customs documentation and subsequent declaration of transported goods
  • Valuable goods (jewellery, precious metals, revenue stamps, etc.)
  • Packets subject to temperature regime

Ship transport

lodní doprava
  • Transcontinental container transport
  • Shipping space guaranteed
  • Combination of ship and air transport

Freight forwarding

  • Extraction of vehicles of private freighters
  • Insurance of packets up to 5.000.000 CZK, possibility of supplementary insurance
  • Dealing with standard and non-standard demands and their implementation
  • Complete haulage service
  • Professional and willing attitude
  • Communication in many languages


  • Vans Sprinter 1-8EP / 1.000 kgs
  • Individual vehicles 12-18EP max. load 3.000 to 6.000 kg
  • Tilt trailers MEGA, inside height 3 m/max. 34 EP - 24.500 kg
  • Tilt unit 15,6m / 38EP - 24.000 kg
  • Refrigerator trailer - double-thermal/double-deck with calibrated sensors for transport of pharmaceutical goods and also ordinary goods subject to temperature regime (foodstuff, etc.)
  • Transport of max. 9 people, driver included


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Registered Office ALL FREIGHT SERVICE HK s.r.o.
Lhota u Vsetína 223
CZ-75501 Lhota u Vsetína
VAT CZ06375715
Place of business ALL FREIGHT SERVICE HK s.r.o.
ČSAD a.s., Ohrada 791
CZ-75501 Vsetín
Phone +420 573 034 530
+420 731 283 757
+420 731 283 678
e-mail info@afs-hk.com

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